Wooden Pallets

  • Two Way Pallets: Two-way pallets are ideal for safe transport and can be used for long-time storage. We have a variety in this section where our customers can select from two-way entry single deck, two-way entry reversible, two-way entry non-reversible, two ways entry reversible winged and non-reversible winged.

  • Four Way Pallets : This is an extended product of the two-way pallet. There are four divisions instead of two. It is used for smaller items more in quantity. It also serves as a better packing option where transport is not smooth. Extra pallets offer extra safety. We manufacture multiple pallets on specific demand of the clients.

  • Wing Slatted and Reversible Pallets:

  • Plywood Boxes and Pallets: This is the heaviest and strongest wooden box in our range of products. This is specially designed to carry invaluable products under extreme weather conditions. They are very specific to shipping goods and ideal for long storage.

WoodenBoxes and Cases

  • Industrial Packing Box: We manufacture superior quality industrial and export packing boxes and induce special technologies for perfect packing of the goods. Generally the products packed are heavy and expensive like automobile parts, gas turbines and aircraft engines; therefore we pay an extra attention in their handling and transfer.

  • Wooden Cases: This is our exclusive range of products that is meant for style and safe storage. Made from the finest quality wood, we also manufacture wooden cases as per client's demands. For personal use we polish and varnish them for better appearance while quality checks are done for export purposes.

  • Corrugated Boxes and Pallets:
    These boxes are available amd with different thickness.


  • Wooden Crates: Wooden crates are ideal for export shipments either in container or break-bulk. We provide custom designed and manufactured crates that can be multi-handled and have the capacity to hold about 2 Tons of Dynamic load and 8 Tons of Static Load during multi-stacking. Crates are also designed for ventilation of Air for enhanced storage qualities.

Packing Material

  • Stretch Film: Stretch films are used in utilizing the product and has gained tremendous potential throughout the world. The stretch films come with following features and qualities:

    • Protection from moisture, dirt and abrasion
    • Automation
    • Clarity
    • Ease of removal
    • Recycling
    • Reduction of packaging material
    • Superior holding capacity

  • Foam / Thermacoal:Foams are used to protect the product from damaging. It can be provided in different size and shapes as per the requirement.

  • Poly Bags: Poly bags and ESD bags can be provided in different size and shapes as per the specifications and requirement.

  • Angle Boards / Edge Boards: Angle Boards / Edge Boards are used to protect the edges and corners of the precious products from heavy pressure due to mis-handling during transportation and other reasons.

    • Are available in the range from 25 mm to 75 mm and thickness from 2.5 mm to 7 mm and the length is available as per clients' requirements
    • It is made on 100 % app-er based and unbreakable, un-crushable and un-crackable
    • More economical as compared with other products
    • 100 % recyclable
    It gives structural stability, increasing the strength of pallets, thereby enabling us to do the optimum utilization of container.