• We are engaged in offering valuable Warehousing Service that is required by exporters as well as importers in order to safely store their goods. The experienced warehousing staff takes proper care while loading and unloading of the cargos and fragile goods. The Warehousing Services can be provided by us in most parts of India ESPECIALLY IN NORTH EAST INDIA.. The Warehousing Services can be availed from us at affordable charges. We provide ample security and safety to all the stored goods as we are most concerned about the client's interest.

    CHC understands the importance of warehousing and that's why we offer our customers maximum space at minimum cost. We will store and manage your inventory in our strategically located state-of-the art logistics centers offering bonded or duty-paid options to cater for the different needs of customers in all industry segments. Powered with cutting-edge technology, we ensure that your storage requirements and inventory management needs are met while providing real-time visibility at all levels to help you control your stock levels, streamline purchases and improve your order cycle time.


    These warehouses are owned and operated by big manufacturers and merchants to fulfil their own storage needs. Big business firms which need large storage capacity on a regular basis and who can afford money, construction and maintain their private warehouses. A big manufacturer or wholesaler may have a network of his own warehouses in different parts of the country. The private warehouses are licenced to private persons and only the goods imported by or on behalf of the licensee are stored in such warehouse.

    These warehouses are a specialised business establishment that provides storage facilities to the general public for a certain charge. It may be owned and operated by an individual or a cooperative society. It works under a licence from the government. They are generally located near the junctions of railways, highways and waterways. They therefore provide excellent facilities for the easy receipt, despatch, loading and unloading of goods. They are very important in the marketing of agricultural products. A public warehouse is also known as 'duty paid warehouse'.

    Public warehouses are very useful to the business community as they can meet their storage needs easily and economically by making use of the public warehouse,without heavy investment. Such warehouses provide storage facilities to small manufacturers and traders at low costs. They provide facilities for the inspection of goods by prospective buyers. They also permit packaging and grading of goods. The public warehouses receipts are good collateral securities for borrowings.

    These warehouses are licenced by the Government to accept imported goods for storage until the payment of customs duty. They are located near the ports. They are either operated by the Government or work under the control of customs authorities. The warehouse is required to give an undertaking or 'Bond' that it will not allow the goods to be removed without the consent of the custom authorities. The goods are held in bond and cannot be withdrawn without paying the customs duty. Such warehouses are very helpful to importers and exporters. If an importer is unable to pay customs duty immediately after the arrival of goods he can store the goods in a bonded warehouse. He can withdraw the goods in installments by paying the customs duty proportionately. Goods lying in a bonded warehouse can be packaged,graded and branded for the purpose of sale. Central Warehousing Corporation operates 75 Custom Bonded Warehouses with a total operated capacity of nearly 0.5 million Mts.

    Warehouses enable storage of goods when their supply exceeds demand and by releasing them when the demand is more than immediate productions. This on one hand ensures a regular supply of goods in the market and on the other hand it helps to stabilize prices by matching supply with demand.

    Warehouses provide for safe custody of goods. Businessmen can thus minimize the risks to goods from loss, damage, fire, theft etc. Perishable products can be preserved in cold storage. Also, the goods kept in a warehouse are generally insured.

    A warehouse provides facilities for processing, packing, blending, grading etc, of the goods for the purpose of sale. The prospective buyers can inspect the goods kept in a warehouse.

    Warehouses provide a receipt to the owner of goods for the goods kept in the warehouse. The owner can borrow money against the security of goods by making an endorsement on the warehouse receipt. By keeping the imported goods in a bonded warehouse, a businessman can pay customs duty in installments.

    We are one of the major Warehouse Relocation Service Providers in NORTH EASTERN INDIA. Our Warehouse Relocation Services are widely recognized for their quickness and efficiency. We offer complete solutions to various Warehouse Relocation problems and make the whole process very easy and simple for the clients. Our Warehouse Relocation Services aim at fast and efficient transportation of the goods in the safest manner possible. We have a fleet of cars that have different sizes and are meant for various types of cargos. Our team is vastly experienced in different aspects of Warehouse Relocation and offers reliable and secure services.

    Our company also provide warehousing in the form of a TELECOM warehouse .The supporting warehouse management system is capable of providing detailed telecom product master data, e.g. batch information and minimum and protective inventories as well as comprehensive material flow parameters such as container slot information, storage and picking strategies and interfaces to transportation technology. Paperless processing of material flows within the warehouse guarantees slot allocation and visualizes slot distribution for parcel scanning, optimizing forklift transportation and status and volume changes of the items to be picked or processed via scanning. Besides pure warehouse services, WE offer a lot of value-added services such repackaging IN TELECOM SITES and labeling as well as administrative tasks such documentation clearance e.g. sales tax, road permit, tax clearance e.t.c.